The Grand Prix America is the centerpiece of the game. While the four District Cups (Eastern, Western, Southern and Central) focus on each racetrack, the Grand Prix America focuses on the states. Each state has its own Grand Prix, and only one racetrack from the state can host it in each Grand Prix America season.

Usually, the game decides prior to each season which racetrack from each state (and which configuration) to use. Once the championship has been won, the user can mix up the schedule for the next season, the racetracks and configurations used as well as the order of the events.


The traditional order of the Grand Prix America season:

  1. Grand Prix of Florida
    1. Daytona International Speedway
    2. Sebring International Raceway
    3. Gulf Coast Speedway
  2. Grand Prix of Louisiana
    1. NOLA Motorsports Park
  3. Grand Prix of Arizona
    1. Tempe Raceway
    2. Navajo Speedway
  4. Grand Prix of Ohio
    1. Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
    2. Streets of Toledo
  5. Grand Prix of North Carolina
    1. Kitty Hawk Raceway
    2. Raleigh International Raceway
  6. Grand Prix of Indiana
    1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  7. Grand Prix of Wisconsin
    1. Road America
  8. Grand Prix of Montana
    1. Missoula Raceway
  9. Grand Prix of Mississippi
    1. Mississippi Raceway
  10. Grand Prix of Vermont
    1. Maple Hills Speedway
  11. Grand Prix of Iowa
    1. Cedar Rapids Autosport Center
  12. Grand Prix of Oregon
    1. Bend-Sunriver Raceway
    2. Madras Raceway
  13. Grand Prix of Kansas
    1. Leavenworth Raceway
  14. Grand Prix of New York
    1. Erie Speedway
    2. Watkins Glen International
  15. Grand Prix of Idaho
    1. Bitterroot Raceway
  16. Grand Prix of Georgia
    1. Circuit Savannah
    2. Road Atlanta
  17. Grand Prix of Maryland
    1. Chesapeake Raceway
  18. Grand Prix of Wyoming
    1. Casper-Evansville Sports Car Course
  19. Grand Prix of Alabama
    1. Barber Motorsports Park
  20. Grand Prix of South Carolina
    1. Streets of Myrtle Beach
  21. Grand Prix of New Mexico
    1. Albuquerque Raceway
    2. Las Cruces Raceway
  22. Grand Prix of Tennessee
    1. Knoxville International
  23. Grand Prix of North Dakota
    1. Circuit of the Dakotas
  24. Grand Prix of Virginia
    1. Virginia International Raceway
  25. Grand Prix of Maine
    1. Acadia Motor Speedway
  26. Grand Prix of Michigan
    1. Iron Mountain International Speedway
  27. Grand Prix of Hawai'i
    1. Kamehameha Raceway
  28. Grand Prix of Colorado
    1. Pikes Peak Speedway
  29. Grand Prix of Texas
    1. Circuit of the Americas
    2. El Paso Raceway
    3. Streets of Fort Worth
  30. Grand Prix of West Virginia
    1. West Virginia Raceway
  31. Grand Prix of Arkansas
    1. Circuit of the Ozarks
  32. Grand Prix of Connecticut
    1. Lime Rock Park
  33. Grand Prix of Nebraska
    1. Cornhusker Speedway
  34. Grand Prix of Washington
    1. Thunder Island Motorsports Park
  35. Grand Prix of Oklahoma
    1. Oklahoma International Raceway
  36. Grand Prix of California
    1. Sonoma Raceway
    2. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca